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House Sitting

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, leaving behind your home can be worrisome.  Things can go wrong while you are away, it’s just a fact of life. A small leak could quickly turn into a flood.  A loss of power during a monsoon storm can be tragic if left unattended.

Let Home Solutions alleviate your worries and take care of your house for you.

We will do a thorough check of your home after your departure and review your list for any necessary requests.

Standard services start at $20 and include:

  • Bringing in mail and newspapers
  • Watering houseplants
  • Light housekeeping
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Monitor thermostat.

For an additional charge, we can also run errands that didn’t get done or take care of pretty much any other request.  Inquire about our full-service cleaning service discount while you are away. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a freshly cleaned and beautiful smelling house after traveling?

We also offer a $10 discount for full-service cleaning in combination with house sitting.

 Pet Sitting

Your pets are your family and here at Home Solutions, we get that! We love all kinds of pets, furry, scaly, all shapes and sizes! When you can’t be home, we’ll be there for you! What’s more comforting than knowing someone will be checking in on your pets and giving them the loving care they need while you are away? No boarding kennels or cages, your pets can stay in the comfort of their own home and you can be confident that your pets will be happy and safe!

We offer pet sitting services starting at $40 per night.  The first dog is $40 and each additional dog is $15.
Our “Basic Ruff Life” Package includes:

  • 30 minute home visit 2 x daily in the AM and in the PM
  • 2 short walks for potty breaks
  • Changing water and feeding
  • Playtime, tug, toss or just snuggle and kisses whatever activity your pooch enjoys.

Additional ala carte services include:

  • “Pawsome Pajama Party” aka we will pack a suitcase and spend the night in your home with your pets.
  • “Medicine Management” we will administer, monitor and track medicines that your animals need. We will provide a daily record so that you can have a piece of mind and not worry while you are away.

Please call for an estimate of services.